October, 17, 2012

This morning I forgot what we did, but before lunch I worked on my English assignments, the worksheets are so much longer than what I am used to! After lunch I worked on a bit of Socials, and then started working on my Inquiry Project. I’m now done collecting facts, so now I just need to write my paragraphs, put my information onto a website, and I’m done!

October, 10, 2012

Today we learned about our next Inquiry project and what is expected of us with it. Then for the rest of the day we were given time to work on it and finish coming up with our Inquiry questions. Mine is about the socioeconomic backgrounds of homeless people, and how it effected them. I finished the sheet ‘Plan for Inquiry’, and I think I’m doing really well so far, I already have a lot of information and understanding of the topic. I’m really excited to continue working on it.

October, 1, 2012

This morning we did an assignment on the War of 1812. My groups section was on point of view and we had to do a little mini presentation. Then we went to the learning commons and I worked on an English assignment called “The Open Window”. After lunch we had P.E. and we stayed inside because it was kind of cold out, so we played four corner soccer. I do not like soccer, it scares me. After that we worked on reflections for our Inquiry project.

Peer Observations

The best suggestion that my group¬†received was repeated by multiple people several times and it was that we should next time¬†incorporate some more pictures and change the slides more. I agree with them, so the feedback was useful. To make it more visually interesting and to keep the audience interested. The main thing that I learned about inquiry learning is just in general how much more effective it is to learn. I’m pretty sure that’s how inventors come up with ideas, find a problem, ask a question as to how it can be fixed and then resolve to find a solution. I think our group does really well in the information department, with research and understanding the topic, so our weakness would be presentation and how to wrap it all up and keep the audience interested. That’s what help we would need next time.