Sept, 12, 2012 – Today we decided on our main topic and we organized our sub topics. We also made a rough draft of ideas that we will use in our project. Now that we have gotten all our main points and ideas together, our next block will probably be used more productively towards starting to come up with ideas on how we will present our project and researching our topics more thoroughly.

Sept, 18, 2012 – Today I watched a movie about the War of 1812 with Calli. We watched the whole thing for most of the day and I also worked on my English literary notes.

Sept, 19, 2012 – My inquiry project is going well so far, I think we have been using our time pretty productively. Today we decided on how exactly we will be presenting our final project and we individually worked on our separate parts. I also worked on an English assignment about a short story called “Lather and Nothing Else”. Over the long weekend I will most likely work on my online assignments, mostly on English and Socials.

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